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How to lock the Vinipad app on Android tablets (Kiosk Mode)

Note: This operation requires that the tablet has Android 5.0 or higher

First, some configuration options have to be changed (this only needs to be done once for each Android tablet):

  • Pull once or twice from the top frame of the screen to open the quick settings drop-down menu so it displays the Settings icon, represented by a cogwheel, and touch it to access the Settings screen. It is also possible to access that screen by pressing the icon called “Settings” located either in the application drawer or in the desktop
  • Enter the "Security" or “Security & Location” section (in Samsung tablets it is usually located in the "General" tab and is sometimes called "Screen lock and security") and look for the “Screen pinning" option (in some Samsung tablets it is called “Pin windows”), which is usually either towards the end of the list of options in this section or inside the “Advanced” subsection
  • Touch the switch in the upper right corner to enable it
  • Enable the option “Ask for PIN before unpinning” or “Lock device when unpinning” (in some Samsung tablets the option to enable might sometimes be “Use screen lock type to unpin”)
  • If you do not have any unlock method configured, a screen will appear in which you must configure the unlock method, either by “Pattern” (strokes made on a 3x3 grid), by “PIN” (numeric key, also called "Secret number") or by "Password" (alphanumeric key)
  • Once the lock key is set, you may be asked how you want notifications to be displayed when the device is locked. The most advisable option is “Do not show notifications". To finish just press "Done"
  • Push the Home button (either physical or on screen) to exit Settings
  • Touch the Vinipad app icon to open it

Once these steps have been completed, the Vinipad application can be locked and unlocked as follows (with the Vinipad app already open):

  • To lock the application:
    • Bring the App overview by either swiping up from the bottom frame to the middle of the screen (on Android 9.0 or higher) or by pressing the square button in the bottom bar (on Android 8.1 or below; the bottom bar might be hidden, in which case you must slide your finger up from the bottom frame of the screen to bring it up, then press the square button). Doing this will display a visual list of recently used applications (in older Samsung tablets this is achieved either by pressing the button represented with two superimposed rectangles on the lower frame or by holding the physical Home button in the tablet for one second)
    • Then slide up the Vinipad app preview screenshot until you see the icon of a pushpin in its lower right corner and touch that icon. A message will appear informing about what is going to happen
    • Simply press “Understood” (or “Start”) to start the screen pinning
  • To unlock the application, you will just have to press at the same time either the Back and Home buttons (on Android 9.0 or higher) or the App overview (Recent apps) and Back buttons (on Android 8.1 or lower). On older Samsung tablets the buttons are Menu and Back)