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Can Vinipad be installed in all kinds of tablets?

Vinipad digital menu is available for most of the tablets on the market, iPad and Android. Nevertheless, not all Android tablets are compatible. Being devices with such a variety of hardware, we cannot guarantee its correct functioning on all Android devices.

How many tablets can I have with my Vinipad license? Is there a limit on the number of installations?

All Vinipad digital menu licenses do not have limits on the number of installations, each license is valid for a single establishment with unlimited devices.

Can I have a single Vinipad license for several restaurants?

Each Vinipad license has an associated database. If you use the same license in several restaurants, those restaurants should share the same products, prices, stock (if used), etc, since they share the same database.

Do I need an Internet connection for Vinipad to work?

No, Vinipad digital menu can work without an Internet connection in offline mode, it just needs an Internet connection when updating your products.

Is there a limit on the number of products I can insert in Vinipad?

No, you can insert as many articles as you need, there is no limit.

I just need the wine menu, can I remove from the app the rest of menus? food, liqueur, etc.

Yes, Vinipad digital menu is highly customizable, you can activate just the menus that you need.

Do I have to pay any extra fee if I activate more than one kind of menu?

No, todas nuestras cartas, comidas, vinos, cervezas, aguas, licores, cócteles y destilados, están incluidas en la licencia de Vinipad Carta Digital.

I do not have time to insert or change my products.
Is there any service to insert articles in my Vinipad license?

Vinipad offers a data insertion and modification service, if you are interested we can manage your Vinipad license for you, you can consult us for more information and contracting this service.

Why does Vinipad digital menu have a monthly fee?

To modify product and prices information, it is necessary to access a web application that requires servers. With this fee, in addition to covering the costs of servers, infrastructure and technical support, we can evolve and improve each day this amazing tool, thanks to this we can provide the best digital menu that you can find.

Is it necessary to pay the monthly fee for Vinipad digital menu?

No, Vinipad can work in offline mode, without monthly fees, but you will not be able to enjoy our great support, nor will you have the possibility to change the data of your products.

Is there any kind of commitment to stay when contracting Vinipad digital menu?

No, there is no commitment to stay. You can drop out at any time, and re-activate your license when needed, You will just have to pay the re-activation fee. Only those licenses with over two years of inactivity will be removed from our system.

Does Vinipad have any kind of installation or re-enrollment fee?

I you are a new client, there is an installation fee to customize your digital menu or to insert your products, so you will have your Vinipad digital menu ready and you can start increasing your sales from the first day.

If you have already been a client, and you want to re-activate all of your cloud services and to have support, it is necessary to pay a single re-activation fee.

Can I change myself the information of my Vinipad digital menu license?

Vinipad digital menu is fully autonomous, through a web application, you can manage your products, it is really easy and intuitive.

What advantages do I have if I use Vinipad digital menu stock control?

Many, among them, the products that run out of stock will automatically disappear from the menu, and you will be able to get consumption reports of your products, on top of sending you an email when the stock of a certain product reaches an established minimum.

Do I need an Internet connection to activate the stock control on my Vinipad digital menu?

Yes, to synchronize the menus and retrieve the data, you need them to be connected, it is the only functionality that for the moment does not work in offline mode.

Can I place orders and manage my commands through the tablet?

No. Vinipad is a menu for your clients, it does not provide a command system, nor POS, at this time.

Once I have purchased, when will I receive my Vinipad digital menu license?

Depends on your license, if you have not requested the insertion of data by us, in about 48 hours, if ,on the other hand, we have to insert your products information, we usually take an average of 20 products per day.